Frequently Asked Questions

>> What time will Ricaldi Cleaning Services be at my home?

We work from Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We can schedule you for a morning, mid-day or afternoon appointment and give you an hour range during which our crew is estimated to arrive.

>> How many people are sent to my house?

The number of people on the team we send to your house depends on the size of your home. Usually, for a house at or under 2,500 sq. feet, we sent two cleaners. Homes larger than this typically require three or more cleaners. Subsequent/repeated visits, however, may require the presence of fewer cleaners.

>> Do I need to supply any cleaning equipment?

We provide all necessary, basic cleaning equipment. However, if your have any special requirements or wish to provide your own cleaning supplied, please call us to arrange for the use of your own preferred materials.

>> Do I need to be at home in order to get service?

Whether you are there or not when we stop by for your service is up to you! We have customers who like to oversee the work of the cleaners just as we have customers who prefer to provide us with a key for regular cleaning appointments.

>> How do I pay for the services provided to me?

Payment is due once the service is complete. Payments can be made through personal check or cash.

>> How can I change a scheduled visit?

Changing or canceling a scheduled visit is easy! Please call us at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled service in order to reschedule or cancel. We require this time frame as we plan your service and the service of other customers according to a pre-arranged schedule.

>> I have pets. How does that affect my cleaning service?

We are trained to work around your pets! We are a pet-friendly company, as the majority of us own pets. Thus, we understand how important their comfort and safety is. We are happy to work with you to avoid any problems.

>> What happens if something is broken/damaged during my cleaning service?

While our cleaners use the utmost care when in your home, we recognize that accidents do happen. In the unlikely event that something is broken or damaged in your home due to our error, we will make every effort to arrange for the repair or replacement of the item in question.

>> What is your privacy policy?

When you provide us with your personal information, we guarantee that it will remain strictly private and will not be sold or otherwise distributed to any other company or individual for use in marketing or solicitation. Confidentiality is our highest priority.